February 2, 2019. The sky was dressed in various greys. And it threw gusts of rain curtains and little points of hail, which gave that typical touch to our beautiful city. From Jaén, Barcelona, ​​Soria, Valladolid, Donostia, Zaragoza, Valencia, Castellón, Derio, Tolosa, Logroño, Madrid, Pamplona… straight lines were being drawn, and curves that were eagerly approaching, with colored markers, with ipads, notebooks and eager to see each other, devirtualize and share.

Sketchnote: Elena Urizar Photo: Josu Garro

We celebrated the first #Bilbao #VisualDayEguna. Organized by AulaBlog and Muxote Potolo Bat, the more than 120 people summoned there, we had the objective of deepening and talking about the contribution of VisualThinking, which we defined as a universal language, in the learning processes.

We were connected by the passion for Visual Thinking and the conviction of wanting to deepen the use of this language in our classrooms, our teams, our relationships, our companies and organizations, for five simple (and very profound) reasons that emerged from the four presentations and the five workshops that we heard and experienced:

And all this, enjoying the meeting. To face us To stain our fingers. Of cooking possibilities. Celebrating (us) and grateful for so much good shared.

A round day. Well framed. triangulating ideas. Drawing connection lines. Focusing on the key points. And scribbling the possibility.

Eager for more: See you next year! laser art! And meanwhile… a lot of Visual Thinking!!

Photo by: Josu Garro

GraphicRecording by @muxotepotolobat @IratxeFdezMpb

Video by Josi Sierra (@josi)

Video made by eduardomunilla.com