The graphic facilitation has proven to be a very efficient weapon in countless situations, both at an educational, work or business level. Its tools help to improve communication, to facilitate the understanding of what is exposed, to increase the attention of the audience and to help in decision making.

In presentations, classes, negotiations or meetings to make decisions, graphic facilitation simplifies and speeds up processes considerably, which is why in recent times it has become a top-level tool that should be mastered in order to succeed in countless situations. situations.

Advantages of graphic facilitation

We have mentioned some of the advantages of this technique, but there are many others. When an idea or a thought is transformed into an image, into a drawing, it is much easier to work on them and they are remembered much better. The visual language is universal and easily understandable; Drawings, figures and mental maps are always perceived in a clearer way by the brain, they are easier to process. This is the basis of graphic facilitation.

What media do you use? The drawing, in any of its forms. We all know that lines, figures or colors carry an implicit meaning and it is simply a matter of making good use of them. Also of other types of elements such as icons or more or less recognizable figures.

Combining these elements with a good arrangement of space, very brief but explanatory texts and conceptual maps have surprising results. What sometimes cannot be explained or understood with words can be achieved with this type of technique.

Who benefits from graphic facilitation?

Really, it is useful to all kinds of people and at all levels. However, graphic facilitation has shown excellent results in areas such as teaching, where any support is essential for explanations to be understood by students.

It has also borne great fruit in the case of work teams in which effective communication is essential and in the field of social communication. The graphic facilitation is a great tool for giving explanations, exchanging ideas or solving problems and what is even better, it is not difficult to learn.

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