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The human mind is very complicated, sometimes we have ideas and we don’t know how to express them, other times we simply don’t even know we have them. It is in this context that visual thinking techniques or visual thinking have been developed.

But what does it consist of? In a very simple way, it is nothing more than putting into practice strategies that allow ideas or thoughts to come to light and express them quickly to work on them later. And it is also useful to deal effectively with the resolution of all kinds of problems.

Visual thinking, how to put it into practice

It is something as easy (and at the same time as complicated) as trying to express ideas or face problems through graphic representations, yes, through drawings. Obviously, to put visual thinking into practice you don’t have to be a painting genius. It is rather about being able to express themselves through simple drawings, creating connections and mental maps that help their understanding.

Why is it so useful? Not only because it helps to “take these ideas out of the dark”, but also because our brain is specially designed to capture and process images, therefore, it is always much easier to “read” a drawing than a text.

What is the visual thinking process like?

We have already pointed out the most important thing: it is not necessary to be a great cartoonist, sometimes with simple geometric shapes, simple figures, doodles or well-known representations (think of a light bulb to represent a great idea) is enough.

From there, visual thinking strategies will be developed, whose process the experts summarize in four phases: look (absorb the information), see (select what is interesting and classify it), imagine (interpret the information) and show.

Of course, although it may seem simple at first glance, it is necessary to master a series of techniques so that visual thinking becomes an effective tool, it is necessary to direct the steps well towards the objective. But like everything, visual thinking what you need is a good guide in the first steps and a lot of practice. The results will speak for themselves.