Strategy consulting for organisations and team coaching can be more effective with an expert use of Visual Language.

Because the power of Visual Language makes it possible to see more clearly what strategy to follow, the resources available to achieve objectives and how to improve team performance.

We have been using Visual Language in our consultancies for more than 20 years.
These are some of the entities we work with:

Con el lenguaje visual, eliminamos el ruido, destacamos lo esencial, favorecemos una comunicación natural e intuitiva y creamos una narrativa compartida para movernos en una dirección común

You can’t ask your organisation or team to move in a direction if they don’t understand where that destination is, what they need to do to get there and why it’s important.

And that’s where Visual Language comes in. With it:

  • We eliminate the noise caused by too much data.
  • We highlight the essential information, the information your team needs to know.
  • We communicate it using natural and intuitive language, which is understood the first time and which emotionally involves those who are part of the process.
  • We create a shared narrative, with which we align the interests of the organisation, the team, and those who make it up.

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I am Miryam Artola, creator of Muxote Potolo Bat, and I use Visual Language in my consultancy work, so that companies and teams can clarify and optimise their communication and functioning, establish realistic objectives to improve their results and design the necessary strategies to achieve them, adding all their members to the common effort. I believe that Visual Language is the perfect complement to this consulting because it puts people and their relationships at the centre of these processes, encourages their participation and inspires in them feelings of belonging and fulfilment.
Because nobody wants to work in an organisation or a project from which they feel disconnected.

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What some of the people, companies and organisations we work with say about us:

Begoña Marañón Director of Radio Bilbao and Cadena Ser Euskadi

Ever since I saw Miryam make a graphic recording, I have been captivated by her talent and the ability of Visual Language to connect, communicate and explain better and, every time I have wanted to reflect something important in a masterful way, I have turned to her. I asked her to make a graphic report for our collective Doce Miradas, and also to visually illustrate a conference organised by Cadena Ser in the Basque Country and, among others, a research and social innovation project with some of the main stakeholders of our radio stations. That infographic presides over my office and there is no better way to remind me of the aim of my doctoral thesis.

Aitor Zaloña Deputy General-Director SALVA Industrial S.L.U.

I arrived at SALVA Industrial more than 4 years ago. Despite the potential, the company needed to update its strategic direction and we needed a new people management culture. We had to communicate a new strategic plan to all the people who made up SALVA, in which we all participated and made it our own, in order to generate motivation and commitment. The sessions with Miryam were fantastic and the murals that we built together are more relevant than ever, and we use them constantly to explain our company to clients, authorities, suppliers, etc. One year after those sessions, we beat the company's record results. Her Visual Language approach helped us to visualise and share the future of SALVA, and ignited the spark of motivation that helped us to achieve our current successes.

Maria Carrascal
Maria Carrascal Director of Emana

In my work accompanying leaders and teams, I see that a fundamental part of their difficulties could be reduced by improving their communication. To do so, however, they must incorporate new tools and activate other strategies, among which Visual Language is one of the best. Miryam is able to do in 4 hours what other professionals and methodologies would take 4 days to achieve. Her work is practical, effective and beautiful.

Oscar de Manuel Oca
Oscar de Manuel Oca CEO Izar Cutting Tools

In Miryam's hands, Visual Language allows us to order and focus complex ideas or contents in simple drawings and short and clear messages. At IZAR Cutting Tools, we rely on her support in the deployment of our strategic thinking, because we want our philosophy and future commitments to be understood at a glance. Her infographics are the perfect synthesis of what we want to communicate to our customers, employees and collaborators.

Piedad Arbaiza- CEO Arteko Consultoria
Piedad Arbaiza CEO Arteko Consultoria

Her work was invaluable when it came to defining and clarifying the future of Arteko. She was able to bring out the light that was inside us. Adjusting the compass of what we really want to be and what we are experts in. All this in an agile, fun and impactful way. Beautiful and very useful!

Visual Language brings clarity and connects people, both with each other and with the team’s objectives.

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