A different way of doing strategic consulting for organisations and team coaching: a way enhanced by the impact of Visual Language.

Because the expert use of visual language will help you to cut through the noise of information overload, design clearer strategies and create a narrative of belonging that will be adopted by all members of your organisation or team.

Many organisational processes are intoxicated with information. So much of this data is so abstract that it is sometimes difficult to see what goals you want to achieve and what steps you need to take to get there. These are teams that do not have a narrative that all members embrace or a clear destination.

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If those who must work in the team and the company do not buy into this narrative, efforts will not be in the same direction and results will suffer.

That’s why your situation diagnosis, strategic definition or team coaching sessions should not add more abstract information or more theory without a message. You need to create a narrative that everyone can see: a visual narrative in a common language, to move towards your chosen goals.

We have been using Visual Language in our consultancy work for more than 20 years and assist clients such as:

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How we work

We identify the real challenges of your organisation or team and its members. To know in which direction they need to move, what obstacles will be in the way and what resources they need to meet their objectives.

We recognise the essential information of a project from the vast jumble of data that organisations and teams handle. Because sometimes, when people are immersed in a project, everything seems equally important to them. Separating and highlighting what is essential is fundamental for strategic development.

We promote the connection of teams with the purpose of the organisation and the mutual understanding of its members. We adopt a narrative that aligns the objectives of the organisation, the teams and their members.

Coaching de equipos

We improve group relationships and cooperation to achieve objectives, because we help them to define and agree:

  • The results that are sought and how they will be measured.
  • How actions, work processes and decision-making are organised.
  • What role each member plays and how leadership is established.
  • On what kind of relationships is this role distribution based.
  • What dynamics and deep patterns exist in the group, which can help or hinder both the achievement of the objectives and the coexistence in the team.

We orientate the team towards performance. With the help of Visual Language we can also capture and reflect the intuitions and ideas that emerge from the team, give them meaning and turn them into a driving force for the group.

We create a shared narrative that reflects their values and goals, so that they are no longer a collection of people pulling in different directions, but a united team with a common mission.

Artes graficas

This is the service by which many organisations discover what Visual Language is and why its use is so beneficial. After learning its effect, they want to incorporate it in all their consulting and team work sessions.

The graphic proceedings are the real-time translation of the content of an event or conference into a Visual Language document.

We capture the essential ideas, the most interesting information and the experience of those who live that event, and we capture them in a visual document (infographic) that can be kept and referred to whenever needed.

The graphic proceedings:

  • They help the speakers or the organisation of the event, because they clearly show the ideas they present to the audience.
  • They promote participation, because they include the contributions of those present and their opinions.
  • They make events more memorable, because they make the essential message more understandable, putting it at the centre of a narrative that everyone can share.

Furthermore, depending on the needs of the organisation, we can end the graphic record with the generation of a metaphor that serves as an inspirational image for the teams, and express it in a final summary that can be used as the perfect closing of the event, so that those who attend can take away an optimistic and exciting message.

See what one of our formations looks like

We offer three types of courses:

1.- An introductory course in Visual Language, ideal for people with an interest in capturing, communicating and synthesising information. Ideal for large groups.

2.- A more in-depth course, designed specifically for leaders of organisations or teams, given in groups of 8 to 15 people, in which we will exercise, in addition to the concepts included in the introductory course:

  • Listening skills and systematisation of information.
  • How to shape the process, giving it meaning.

3.- A course on adapting and incorporating Visual Language into your organisation, in which, in addition to all of the above:

  • We will broaden competencies for more effective communication.
  • We will develop skills to favour a visual vocabulary for your organisation.
  • We will develop skills that encourage participation and improve teamwork.

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All of our services can be substantiated, according to the needs of the organisation, in different communication elements, so that organisations and teams can use them as documents for consultation, inspiration or to express their identity, objectives and values, both to their own workers and to an external public. For example: For example:


Animated videos, movie stories

Visual vocabularies



Branding Elements

Visual Language is a natural code that we have all used at some time, in its less sophisticated versions, to make diagrams or schemes when we wanted to understand something complex.

The professional techniques and tools we use sublimate that value so that organisations and teams can also understand and see clearly through its complexity, to communicate (themselves) better, connect with their clients and their own members, and move towards their goals.

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We give movement to the Visual Language

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Andrés Espinoza - HEZIMUBI

Hezimubi, Adaptamos contenidos, mensajes e ideas a la pantalla de forma amena y artística

Adapt content, messages and ideas to audiovisual format. Great creator of videos and animations, which help to give movement and life to our creations and designs, and those of the organisations we work with.


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Marta is who we count on for our web design projects. Her desire to provide solutions and try to make things easier, together with her passion for design and challenges, make working with her very easy.