Many problems in organisations and teams are due to a lack of clarity in processes and communication.

Because organisations and teams are made up of people, and these people need to communicate and be at the centre of all identity building and the pursuit of objectives.

That is why I believe that, in an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment, it is more necessary than ever to use Visual Language to be able to explain our why and our how. Without that, of course, we cannot move forward.

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I myself know what it is like to work without feeling connected to a project or a company. Trying to move a team in a certain direction and not being able to make myself understand the resistances that hold us back. It’s very frustrating.
On the other hand, when I have worked in organisations where I connected with their values and had fruitful relationships with the people in them, I have felt part of something important and have been able to give the best of myself. That is why understanding how to channel the energy of teams towards specific challenges has been my obsession since I studied Economics and Business Studies at the University of Deusto.
Miryam Artola Dendaluce, Facilitadora visual

Because the strength of organisations depends on quality interactions in their teams and on their members being able to share a vision of the horizon they want to head for.

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I have been able to see this throughout my career, helping organisations of all kinds, but especially in the twelve years that I worked in international cooperation, coordinating teams of very different cultures and values, in situations of great stress.

It was then that I saw the capacity of Visual Language to take care of the space and the team, to connect people, to move them to the place they want to get to and, somehow, to move them,after they saw the positive effect they wanted to produce with their work, beyond the obstacles and the daily problems.

That is the mantra I follow in my life and, of course, also in my work as a consultant.

That’s why, as you may know, I also created Muxote, a character that shows that visual language can also be used to accompany tens of thousands of people in their daily lives and transmit strength, optimism, the beauty of imperfection and the desire to move forward.

raya decorativa azul claro

I am not alone in this project. I am accompanied by:

Iratxe Fernández

I was born in Barakaldo and graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specialising in painting and graphic design. I came back to Bilbao to do a Master’s degree in Art Research and Creation at the Basque Country Fine Arts Faculty, and then I moved back here to live.

I joined Muxote Potolo Bat in 2012, and since then I have specialised in design and communication work for the Muxote World, as well as the Graphic Recording of events for organisations.

What I like most about my work, and my main objective, is to apply Visual Language to favour communication between people and teams.

Andrés Espinoza​

I was born in Venezuela where I graduated in Social Communication – Audiovisual Journalism.

Years later I moved to the Basque Country.

I am an AUDIOVISUAL REALIZER, I record, edit videos and complement them with motion graphics. I am also an amateur musician, and in my work, apart from paying attention to the visual, I pay a lot of attention to the sound.

I consider myself a perfectionist and creative, and above all I am just another member of the team, giving movement to the ideas and drawings of Muxote Potolo Bat and Miryam Artola so that their messages reach even further.

Marta Liarte

Born in Barcelona and living in Bilbao, I have a degree in Fine Arts from the UPV and later I have studied Graphic Design and Web Design, among other things.

I started my collaboration with Muxote some time ago and I am very lucky to be able to do projects together. My work is related to web design and development in both internal and external projects.

I see design as a way to provide solutions on how to display information in a simple and effective way. Together with Muxote, this is enriched by his special way of seeing the world and his own unique aesthetic.

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